All Art Starts With A Blank Canvas

, , , , | Friendly | December 28, 2018

(My friend and I are sitting together in math class. While the teacher is talking, I’m watching my friend draw. She is an AMAZING artist, and it’s fun to watch her in action. The teacher then announces that we are going to do some problems on our own, and split into groups. While the teacher is writing the problems on the board, I turn my back on my friend to get a piece of paper. I hear my friend flip her paper over to work on the blank side. Our group begins to work the problems.)

Friend: *makes a mistake and sighs dramatically* “I’m just not good at anything.”

Me: “That’s not true! Look at all you’re good at!”

(I reach over and flip her paper over to show her the drawing, but we are both now looking at a blank piece of paper. I begin to panic.)

Me: “Where’s the art?! Where’s the picture you were drawing?! I meant to say you’re good at art!”

(My friend is laughing too hard to say anything but points at a blank sheet of paper to the side. It turns out she had flipped the art over and then gotten a fresh sheet of paper.)

Me: *flips over the paper with her drawing* “See? You’re good at art!”

(To this day, years later, we still joke about it. Every once in a while, one of us will hold up a blank sheet of paper and cry, “Look at all you’re good at!”)

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