Aisle Be Watching The Kids

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(Where I work, we used to have daycare where you could dump your kid off and grocery shop around the store, then pick the kid up after you were done shopping. By the time I start working at the store, the daycare thing isn’t there anymore, so most people just keep their kids with them and it isn’t needed. Some people don’t know that it’s closed, and still try to leave their kids there. I am working by the counter when a lady with a baby carriage comes by.)

Lady: “Excuse me. I found this baby alone in the aisle.”

Me: “I’m sorry, what?”

Lady: “I found this baby in his carriage alone in the aisle. I looked for the parent but I couldn’t find them.”

Me: “I’ll go get my manager.”

(I go get the manager, who makes an announcement on the speaker. The lady waits with us, and calms down the baby when he starts to get fussy. After twenty minutes, another lady leaving the checkout with groceries comes over.)

Mother: “Oh, so this is where they took you. I thought I left him at the daycare?”

Manager: “We don’t have a daycare anymore.”

Mother: “You don’t? Oh, well, at least you watched him.”

(The lady who found him decides she doesn’t like how she said that and blows up.)

Lady: “How dare you leave a child in the middle of an aisle, without checking to make sure it all right?! I should call child services on you!”

(The mother decides it’s the best time to leave and speeds out of there with her baby. After she leaves, the lady calms down and apologizes for her outburst.)

Lady: “Sorry. I have kids at home and I hate when parents do that to their kids.”

(We just nodded. The lady left to go back to her grocery shopping, and I went back to doing my job.)

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