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Aisle Be Watching The Kids, Part 2

, , , , | Right | November 17, 2020

A customer who looks to be no older than twenty-three or twenty-four walks in with three kids, all under the age of five.

Me: “Oh, wow! You’ve got quite a handful today!”

Customer: *Laughs* “They keep me on my toes, that’s for sure!”

We chat a little bit while I process her transaction.

Me: “…and there’s your receipt. Have a nice day!”

Customer: “Thanks! You, too!”

Me: *Waves to her kids* “Bye, you guys!”

My coworker asks me a question, so I turn around to answer her. When I turn back around, the customer and the youngest child are gone, but the two older ones, who are about four and two, are standing there.

Me: “What the… Hey, munchkin, where’s your mommy?”

They stare at me.

Me: “[Manager]! Did you see where my last customer went?”

Manager: “Out the door. Looks like her car is still there.”

Me: “Make sure they don’t go running into the street. I’ll be back.”

I sprint out the door and across the parking lot.

Me: “Ma’am! You forgot something!”

Customer: “Nope, I know they’re there. I told them to wait while I loaded up the baby.”

Me: “What?!”

Customer: “Well, you were right there, and you’re so nice, so I assumed it was fine.”

Me: “But you don’t know me.”

Customer: “You work here, so you’re okay. I just know.”

Me: “You don’t know me, though. It’s not safe to leave your kids—”

Customer: “But you work here!”

Me: *Facepalm*

Aisle Be Watching The Kids

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