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Aisle Be Happy To Help

, , , | Hopeless | March 25, 2016

(I’m running into the store quickly. Immediately after entering, I see a gentleman in what is obviously a work shirt (name tag and store logo) and he smiles at me.)

Me: “Hi! Can you tell me where the notebooks are?”

Him: *looking down at his shirt* “Well, I don’t actually work here…”

(I belatedly realize that he’s wearing a shirt for a different company, and it’s not even the same color as the shirts for this store.)

Me: “Oh my gosh! I just saw your shirt and didn’t even notice it wasn’t for this store. I’m so sorry!”

Him: “I can show you where they are though; I was just over there…”

(He proceeds to lead me right past two workers for the actual store to where the item was. I was really embarrassed about my mistake but he was so nice and helpful that it made it that much less painful…)

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