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Airing Dirty Laundry In Public

| Related | January 13, 2014

(I am attending my freshman year of college. On my first break, I’m getting ready to come home and am on the phone with my mother.)

Mom: “Oh, it’ll be so good to have you home! I’ve missed you!”

Me: “Yeah! I’ve missed you, too. Time to pack, I guess.”

Mom: “Oh, do you have any laundry? Bring your laundry home! I want to do something nice for you! Save you some quarters!”

Me: “Wow, really? Thanks! That would be awesome!”

(I take a hamper home with me. My mom does my laundry for old times’ sake. The next day at church, however, I overhear her conversation with the church ladies.)

Mom: “…and you know college students: here she comes, SWANNING in with a bag full of laundry! So typical!”

(All the church ladies sigh and chuckle. Needless to say, I called her out on that one!)

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