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Ain’t Dating Just The Best?

, , , , | Romantic | April 15, 2022

I hook up with a guy via [Social Media Platform] and chat with him for a couple of weeks. We have some mutual friends, and he seems nice. We end up flirting over the chat and I suggest meeting up. But since he lives a two-hour train ride away, I ask if it’s a possibility to stay the night so I won’t have to do a four-hour round trip on the same day. He says yes.

I go and meet him. We go this his apartment and it’s literally the biggest mess I’ve ever seen. There’s an extra layer of carpet on the floor completely comprised of old, smelly socks, there’s wet cat food scattered everywhere, and his bathroom is littered with loose hair — he’s a long-haired dude — and at least twenty empty bottles of shampoo. (He admitted to being too lazy to throw them out.)

While he was pleasant and talkative in chat, he is very silent and closed-off in person. We end up strolling through town where he does nothing but complain about every person he sees. He claims it’s too crowded for him, so we end up back at the apartment to watch a movie. During this, he also admits:

Guy: “I have no idea what to do when I have people around.”

We venture into town again in the evening after dinner, and now it’s quieter. We get back to the apartment at 11:00 pm. At this point, I’m half-contemplating taking the last train back home anyway… when he discovers that he left his keys inside and we are now locked out.

Cue a rant from him.

Guy: “This is all your fault! You led me out of my comfort zone, and when that happens, I tend to forget things! You should at least pay half of the fee for the locksmith.”

The locksmith comes and lets us in over two hours later. So, now it’s 2:00 am, and my means to get home are gone, so I’m forced to spend the night in the smelliest bed ever, next to an equally smelly dude who obviously doesn’t want me there.

I make it through a sleepless night, bail the heck out of there, and never see him again. He does send a message two days later.

Guy: “So… that’s a ‘no’ on us dating, then?”

No s***.

I have to admit I was being pretty stupid in this story, as well, for trusting a guy I just met.

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