A**hole Mode: Activated  

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(A man walks up to my register with an iTunes gift card. It’s worth noting that when I started work in retail, gift cards had to be manually activated by the cashiers during purchase, but at the time of this story, this hasn’t been the case for years. Now gift cards activate automatically when purchased.)

Customer: “Make sure you activate the card for me.”

Me: “Don’t worry; they activate automatically.”

Customer: *suddenly looking very annoyed, and talking to me like I’m a five-year-old* “No, you have to activate them; otherwise, they don’t work.”

Me: “I assure you that it’ll activate automatically. It’ll be good to go once you’ve paid for it.”

Customer: “Look. I came in here the other week and bought one of these, and when I got home, it wouldn’t work. I came all the way back to the store, and the lady told me it was because whoever sold it to me had forgotten to activate it for me, so she did it for me, instead.”

Me: “We had to activate them manually once, but that was years ago.“

Customer: “Well, this was just the other week.”

Me: “I don’t know what to tell you, sir. I know for a fact that it’s automatic now. I’ve sold hundreds without complaint. I’ve even bought them for myself and never had an issue using them.”

Customer: “Okay, fine, sell it to me. Just tell me your name.”

Me: *pointing to my name badge* “I’m [My Name].”

Customer: “Okay, [My Name], here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to purchase this gift card. Then, I’m going to go all the way home and try using it. When it doesn’t work, I’m going to come all the way back and get someone else to activate it. I’m going to explain to them how, despite my constantly telling you otherwise, you refused to activate it. Then, I’m going to make sure you get fired for your incompetence, okay?”

Me: “Sounds good.”

Customer: “Well, okay. I’ll take it, then.”

(He pays for the gift card and it activates. It even prints off the second receipt that says as much, which I show to him.)

Customer: “Thank you. I’ll be back soon; don’t you worry about that.”

(I never saw that customer again, and years later, still have my job.)

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