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Ahhh, We See The Problem

, , , , | Learning | October 7, 2020

When my dad was a child, he confused my grandmother — his mom — to no end, because his grades in school were terrible, but he always seemed to understand the concepts fine while doing his homework. Finally, someone suggested that she should get his eyes tested, and he turned out to be extremely nearsighted.

On his first day back to school after getting his glasses, he sat down at his desk and looked up at the chalkboard.

Dad: *Suddenly exclaiming* “There are letters on there! And words!” 

His eyesight was so bad that he had legitimately not been able to tell the teacher was writing anything on the chalkboard, and he’d had no idea how all the other kids were following along. Once he could actually see what was happening, no surprise, his grades got a whole lot better!

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