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Ahhh, The Good Ol’ Days

, , , | Right | May 7, 2022

I worked at a tech help desk in 1995. Some of the people I dealt with really struggled with technology.

One time, I saw a lady try to use a mouse like a sewing machine pedal — on the floor, with her foot. She called the help desk to complain because the mouse cable wouldn’t quite reach the floor.

We also had one computer’s CD drive destroyed by the user using the tray as a coffee cup holder. They said they thought that’s what it was for.

We had another user who kept reporting that their floppy disk drive was malfunctioning and losing their work. We replaced that drive three times and finally caught them pinning their disks to the wall with a fairly strong magnet to keep others from using them.

The 1990s were fun.

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