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Ah, They Must Be A Connoisseur Of The “Working” Category

, , , , | Romantic | April 27, 2023

I’m preparing a salad and I’m opening a can of salmon. While this brand is often decent, it’s filled with fish bones and the likes this time — just a bad roll. I get into analyzing the fish for bones.

When I serve this to my significant other:

Me: “Please be careful. I did my best to take all the bones out of it, but there might be one or two left.”

Significant Other: “That’s fine. “

Me: “Yes, there was also a spine in it. Usually, I can take it out in one piece, but this time it just fell apart.”

Significant Other: “Ah, a weak spine…” *Munches* “Must’ve been a manager.”

That response was so much out of the blue that I simply lost it.

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