Ah Man(wha)!

, , , , | Learning | August 28, 2017

I checked out the first volume of a manwha (Korean comic). A few days later, I returned it. A few days after that, I got an email telling me that my manwha would be due soon. I called the library and told them I returned it, which they took surprisingly well. They asked me to double check my house, which I did, but they didn’t fine me.

A week later, I return to the library to read the rest of the series. The first and 5-10th volumes are missing, but I figure someone else checked the latter out. This time, I make sure to get a return receipt.

Next week, I’m at the library again, and the whole series is missing! I check the database, and the entire collection is listed as lost. I ask the librarian, and they tell me, “People check them out but never return them. They keep saying they did but I know they’re lying! These things are expensive to get over here, so you can sell them for a lot. This is why I hate foreign comic books!”

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