Aging Is A Terabyte Thing

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(I go in to a major retailer to buy a USB flash drive. I pick up the cheapest one and go to checkout. It’s only while the purchase is being rung up that I realize it’s a 16-gigabyte flash drive. I’m 30 years old, and the cashier who’s ringing me up looks to be about 18-ish.)

Me: “Woah, that’s weird.”

Cashier #1: “What?”

Me: “A 16-gig flash drive for seven bucks. I vividly remember when a 512-meg one was like, 30.”

Cashier #1: “I don’t remember that, but I remember when a 2-gig was $7.”

Me: “That was d*** near yesterday!”

Cashier #2: *next to us, who’s my age* “Or when floppy drives were the s***.”

Me: “When I was in elementary school, I was asked to bring in a floppy drive for computer science days. Heck, I remember when you had to put in one floppy to boot the computer up, then pull that out and put in the one for the program you actually wanted to use.”

Cashier #1: “I’ve worked with those! We were doing a ‘history of computers’ unit in school!”

Me: *whimpers a little bit internally* “DOS commands?”

Cashier #1: “Yep, learned those… What?”

Me: *whimpers a little bit externally*

(My fiancé’s reaction when I got home and told him this story? “Yep. Face it, honey: you’re old now.” He’s 29.)

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