Aggressively Passive Aggressive

, , , , , | Working | February 23, 2020

(I’m a little passive-aggressive, so retail probably isn’t the best for me, but this was a good few years ago, back when I was around sixteen years old. A customer comes in and spends a lot of time causing a fuss at my checkout over the fact that it’s taking a while because she has so much stuff. Keep in mind that it’s getting late and we’re a good fifteen minutes from closing, which we do pretty early, anyway.)

Fussy Lady: *complaining* “…and I have places to go, you know! I have a family at home and a job in the morning!”

Me: *passive-aggressive while ringing her last few items up* “Oh, me, too! Isn’t that funny, me having a lot of stuff on my plate, as well? I mean, it’s not like my parents are wondering why I’m still here and not home, or anything. It’s not like I have high school in the morning where I’ll be stressing for hours over things that I’m probably not even going to need in the future. It’s also not like after I get school done I’ll have way too much homework to do, too. And it’s definitely not like I’ll have to show up here as soon as that’s done, because I need to save up money for when I’m eighteen. Nope! I’m just a cashier!”

(Yeah, I got fired for that one, but it felt good at the time!)

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