Age Is Just A Number But Yours Is Bigger

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(As I’ve aged, my mother, annoyingly, likes to announce how old I am, basically teasing me about aging. She does it quite a lot in front of friends who are younger than me, and always with a childish head nod as if she’s telling tales. Ordinarily, I don’t care about my age and most of my friends know it but it gets on my nerves. After one time when she keeps announcing it:)

Me: “Have you ever considered that I might not want people to know my age?”

Mum: *smugly* “No.”

(One day we are out with a large group of our friends. She starts up on what my age is going to be next birthday. I see our friends cringing for me as they try to ignore her, but she keeps going on, and I’ve had enough.)

Me: “You know what I’d be more worried about if I was you?”

Mum: *smugly* “What would be more worrying than being [age]?”

Me: “Being old enough to have a daughter my age. Oh, that’s right! You!”

(A few friends hid their sniggers by coughing, and that was the last time Mum teased me about my age.)

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