Age Is But A Number But They’re Still Not Getting One

, | Friendly | May 6, 2014

(A couple of my friends and I are stopping in a fast food restaurant to get a bite to eat before seeing a movie. As we wait for our food, we notice a couple of younger boys, about 12 years old, eyeing us from a back corner. We are all 18-19.)

Friend #1: “Come on. I’m pretty sure the movie starts in 20 minutes.”

Friend #2: “Yeah, and those boys are kind of creeping me out.”

(I glance at them to see them talking heatedly among themselves, but we decide to toss our trash and head out. Before we can even get out the door, one of the boys approaches one of my friends by the trash cans.)

Friend #3: *accidentally bumping into him* “Oh, sorry! I didn’t see you there!”

12-Year-Old Boy: “It’s fine.” *smug look* “You know, I would really like it if I got your number, babe.”

Friend #3: “Why? Do you need a babysitter?”

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