Age Before Road Rage

| Working | January 18, 2014

(I take the bus to school in the morning. I’m 16, but I am quite small and look maybe 13 or 14. This morning I am running early. I’m on an almost empty bus, standing at the front, when suddenly the driver stops suddenly. I fly into the windshield, hurting my hands and knocking my head quite painfully.)

Bus Driver: “Hey! Be careful! If you get injured I’m not paying any compensation, you little b****!”

Me: *sarcastic* “Thanks for your concern. I could have concussion from that bang on the head, but don’t you worry about anything but yourself.”

Bus Driver: “Why don’t you go home crying to your mummy? You shouldn’t even be on a bus on your own! What kind of parents do you have? It’s not my fault they don’t love you.”

Me: “You stopped for no good reason, with no warning! I’m lucky it wasn’t any harder or I would have gone through the windshield! And for your information I’m 16, and have been taking this same bus every day for five years. Never have I encountered such reckless driving!”

Bus Driver: “Shut the f*** up you little b****, before I kick you off this bus. You have no right to talk to your elders like that.”

(By this time I’ve noticed a pram has fallen sideways and the child inside was less than an inch away from hitting her head on a pole. I go to help the mother right the pram.)

Child’s Mother: *loud enough for the driver to hear* “Thank you! Some people just can’t admit when they’re in the wrong. Honestly, people should accept that age doesn’t equal wisdom.”

(The mother and I get off at the next stop and wait for the next bus together. Afterwards, I called the bus company to complain. The person on the other end said they knew exactly who I was talking about, so I guess I wasn’t the first person to complain about that driver!)

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