Age Against The Machine

| Learning | April 8, 2014

(A student approaches our teacher before class.)

Student: “You know these vents? Well, I dropped my iPod, and it fell through. I’m waiting for maintenance to help me get it back, so I might be late for class.”

Teacher: “This is a sign.”

Student: “What?”

Teacher: “This is a sign you should not have an iPod.”

(A half hour later, the teacher interrupts his lecture to address the student.)

Teacher: “Did you get your iPod back?”

Student: “Yes.”

Teacher: “You realize that’s a sign, right? That iPod was falling towards Hell where it belongs. Where they all belong.”

Me: “[Teacher], are you all right?”

Teacher: “Fine. I just like it when technology breaks. I think it’s important for the future of our species that happens.”

(No wonder the teacher is the only one in my college who has completely banned computers from class!)

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