Afraid To Waffle On

| Friendly | September 14, 2016

(I am waiting for the bus with a friend and talking about a breakfast restaurant we both frequent. Suddenly, a bald man covered in Nazi tattoos and a very offensive t-shirt enters the bus stop. Both my friend and I are minorities and we have never seen a skinhead before. We try to ignore him and continue our conversation.)

Friend: “So, do you want to go get waffles after work?”

(Suddenly the man looks up at us.)

Skinhead: “I love waffles! Can you recommend a good place?”

Me: *shocked but eager to help* “You should try [Other Restaurant which does have waffles but is nowhere near the one we frequent].”

Skinhead: “Thanks, sir, I’ll try it.”

(A different bus from the one we’re waiting for arrives and the man gets on.)

Friend: “That’s not how I imagined a conversation with that guy would go. Why did you do that?”

Me: “What was I supposed to do, ignore him?! He was a nice enough guy if you ignore the Nazi stuff and we never go to [Other Restaurant] anyway.”

Friend: “But now we can’t!”

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