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Was Afraid Of Canoe-dling

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(I go to school for outdoor education and take an advance leadership course. We have to go on a trip, and our options are canoeing, kayaking, or hiking trips. Since I have been canoeing all my life, I sign up for the canoeing option. A week or so later, the professors send out an email asking if anybody in the canoeing group would mind switching over to another trip. They say that they’ve had too much interest in this trip, and cannot take the amount of people that signed up. Since I always want to help out and try something new, I offer to switch to kayaking, and the professors express their thanks to me. The canoe trip ends up being all boys and the kayaking trip ends up being all girls. I have a wonderful time on the kayaking trip, but it is forever tainted after this event. A friend of mine went on the kayaking trip as well, and her boyfriend went on the canoeing trip. The three of us are talking about our trips.)

Friend’s Boyfriend: “Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun. I have to say, though, [My Name], I was surprised you went kayaking. I thought you would go canoeing, for sure.”

Me: “I was going to, but when the professors sent out the email asking for people to switch, I thought I could use the challenge.”

Friend’s Boyfriend: “What email?”

Friend: “You must not have seen it, but the professors sent out an email asking for people to switch out of canoeing because there were too many people signed up.”

(My friend’s boyfriend thinks for a while.)

Friend’s Boyfriend: “I didn’t get that email.”

Me: “You must have; they sent that email out to everybody. Here, I’ll pull it up on my phone.”

(I do so and hand my phone to him. He looks over it for a while before handing my phone back.)

Friend’s Boyfriend: “I seriously never got this!”

Friend: “You really need to clean out your inbox and—”

Me: “No, wait! Look at this!”

(I showed my friend the email and pointed to who the email was sent to. We were shocked to see that only the girls in the class were listed on the email. To rule out that it was not a technological mistake, we asked other boys who went on the trip. Sure enough, they had never received the email or had any idea that too many people were signed up for the course. One boy had the nerve to suggest that the professors did so because “there was no way the girls could handle the canoe trip.’ I promptly told him off, but I will forever be disappointed by the fact that the professors I admired so much probably thought the same way as that douchebag.)

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