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Advocates Of The Bathroom Bill Will Not Be Pleased

| Working | December 19, 2016

(I am a 12-year-old girl, and I fly to Newfoundland by myself, so I travel as an unaccompanied minor. I have to transfer planes, and while I wait for my next flight I am herded together with some other UMs. They are all boys. I have short hair, a very unique name, and wear gender-neutral clothes. We need to go to the bathroom, so an airport employee accompanies us. The boys go into the men’s room; I head for the women’s room.)

Airport Employee: “Where are you going? You have to stay with the others!”

Me: “…to the bathroom.”

Airport Employee: “It’s right there. Didn’t you see where the others went?”

Me: *starting to get embarrassed, because this sort of thing happened to me all the time* “I’m just… going to the bathroom.”

Airport Employee: *looks at me more carefully* “Oh. Oh! Sorry; go ahead!”

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