Adulting At The Movies

| Working | May 3, 2017

(My partner and I go with a friend of ours to the museum. We are both college students, but our friend just graduated from college. She is 24 years old but is often mistaken for a child because she is very small and petite.)

Partner: “Tickets for three adults, please.”

Clerk: *looking around in confusion* “Where’s the third adult?”

Friend: “Right here.” *raises her hand so she can be seen over the counter*

Clerk: “Oh! Really? Okay…”

Me: “Do you do student discounts?”

Clerk: “Yes, we do!”

(My partner and I pull out our college ID cards and hand them to her.)

Clerk: *to friend* “And yours, dear?”

Friend: “Oh, I’m not a student. I graduated.”

Clerk: “Oh, when did you graduate?”

Friend: “In May.”

Clerk: “Oh, well, that’s close enough! Three tickets at college discount. Here you go!”

(As we walked away, we realized that she probably thought our friend had graduated from high school in May and hadn’t started college yet, not that she’d graduated from college…)

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