Adult Illiteracy Overtaken By Adult Stupidity

, , , | Right | November 28, 2018

(The card payment system is down, so we have a prominent sign on the main counter stating that we are taking cash payments only. We’ve also turned the EFT machine around so it can’t be used and put another sign in front of it stating EFT is down and we can take cash only. This particular customer walks past the first sign and up to the till. She picks up the second sign and, while holding it, turns the EFT machine around to face her.)

Customer: “This isn’t working.”

Me: “No, sorry, it is cash only at the moment.”

Customer: “Why haven’t you got any signs to warn us of this?”

Me: “There is one on top of the counter here.”

Customer: “I didn’t see that; you should have one here by the till.”

Me: “We have.”

Customer: “Where is it, then?”

Me: “Er, right there in your hands.”

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