Adorably Terrible

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(My brother and I both volunteer at our church. I work with the young children on Wednesday nights and he works with the older youth. Some of the children and youth are also involved in the church’s drama ministry. One Wednesday evening in December, the drama kids put on a Christmas skit they’ve been rehearsing. It’s sort of like a dress rehearsal, but with a practice audience. When I arrive with my class, I see my brother and go say hi to him.)

Me: “You ready for this?”

Brother: *totally serious* “Yeah, I’m ready to make fun of this.”

Me: “Don’t make fun of it!”

Brother: “But it’s going to be terrible.”

Me: “[Brother], it’s little kids. The word you are looking for is, ‘adorable.’”

Brother: “It’s little kids; it’s going to be terrible.”

Me: “Don’t be mean. It’s going to be adorable.”

(The skit is on par with an elementary school play, but it only lasts about 30 minutes. After the skit, as I’m lining my class up to go back to our room, we pass my brother.)

Brother: “Yeah, I couldn’t make fun of that.”

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