Adorable Beats Annoying

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(After a long, busy morning, I have finally reached my lunch break. I have just settled into my favorite spot near the coat racks when one of the ladies who works in production appears. She is one of those small ladies with the face of a teenager and the heart of a child. She looks like she wants to go for her coat but seems a little hesitant to walk past me. Wanting to put her at ease so she’ll move along, I politely greet her. That seems to work as she becomes noticeably more calm and she continues on what she was doing. As she starts to leave, she stops and gets a silly grin on her face. She points off to the side of me.)

Lady: “There’s someone behind you.”

(I know for a fact there is a wall not three inches behind my back, so there clearly is no way there could be anyone there. It is pretty obvious that she is going for a “made you look” style prank. While I don’t like pranks, I figure getting annoyed at her for such a minor thing will do no one any good, and I am too tired from the morning shift I’ve just done to fight anything. Still, I don’t feel like letting her win.)

Me: “That’s nice, but if they want my spot, they are going to have to wait.”

(Despite not fooling me into looking, she continues to smile for some reason. She starts to leave, but then stops and quietly mumbles something I don’t pick up.)

Me: “What?”

Lady: *big smile* “I lied. There was nobody behind you. I fooled you.”

Me: *surprised* “Um… Oh. Okay.”

(With that, she left in a good mood and a spring in her step. I may have still ended up at the bum end of a prank, but I honestly can’t be mad here. In a way, she did actually get me. And it was honestly kind of adorable.)

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