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Adopting Some Security Procedures

| Learning | May 22, 2017

(My niece is being registered for kindergarten. She’s just been adopted a few weeks before and her first and last name were changed. My sister is using her brand new birth certificate to register her.)

Teacher: “Okay, honey, we’re going to go look at the kindergarten room while mom fills out your forms, okay?”

Niece: “Sure.”

(Once they are out of sight of my sister:)

Teacher: “What’s your name?”

Niece: “Emily. It used to be Casey but now it’s Emily. My new mom changed it so my old mom won’t find me.”

Teacher: “Really? Why did you get a new mom?”

Niece: “Because my new mom wanted me so she took me!”

(At this point the teacher calls the police. My sister is sitting in the office, filling out the forms when they arrive.)

Police: “Who is here to register Casey?”

Sister: “Her name is Emily.” *explains whole situation*

Police: “Can you prove that?”

(My sister hands him the birth certificate but did not bring the adoption papers with her.)

Police: “I’m going to have to take you both to the station until you can provide the adoption papers.”

(At this point I wander in to drop off some papers. I’m just another parent. I greet my sister.)

Police: “Do you know this woman?”

Me: “Yes. That’s my sister.”

Police: “So you know Casey?”

Me: “Her name is Emily. She was just adopted and her name was changed.”

Police: “OH! Okay, that’s fine. Sorry about the bother. You can just go ahead and process her registration.”

(I think everyone in the office was stunned.)

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