Adopting The Best Attitude

, , , , | Hopeless | September 20, 2017

(One of my favorite parts of my job is when our adoptable cats from the local shelter get new homes and I get to see a happy family take home their new furry friend. The shelter we work with often has special holiday adoption fees; one of them is $14 for Valentine’s Day. The weekend of Valentine’s Day, a mom and her son, who I’d peg between seven and nine years old, come in to adopt a cat they’ve been visiting in the store for a week. The shelter volunteer runs the paperwork and gets everything set. Then…)

Volunteer: “Okay, that’ll be fourteen dollars please!”

Son: “I wanna pay for it!”

([Volunteer] and I watch as the little boy digs around in his pockets, pulling out crumpled $1s and $5s until he has enough, and hands the pile to [Volunteer].)

Son: *proudly* “I saved my allowance for two weeks to be able to adopt her!”

(I have tears in my eyes, and I can see [Volunteer] does too as she takes the small pile of crumpled bills and smooths them out. The little boy’s mother is absolutely beaming at her son.)

Volunteer: “All right, it looks like you’re all set—”

Son: “Oh, wait a sec!” *digs in his pocket, pulls out another $1 bill and hands it to [Volunteer]* “I saved up an extra dollar to donate to the rest of the animals.”

(I couldn’t believe how sweet and mature this little boy was. On their way out I told his mother she should be very proud of her son, and she assured me she was. I know that kitty went to a very loving home, and I hope that little boy stays this sweet and kind his whole life!)

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