Adopting A Sense Of Humor, Part 6

| Related | October 22, 2015

(My sister and I are both adopted but we look alike, dark Hispanic skin, short, and black hair. Her husband is 6’5″, pasty white, with light hair, but their baby boy gets all his looks from his mommy.)

Brother-In-Law: “So I was out with [Baby] and some random woman stops me saying ‘Oh, how sweet; you adopted a poor baby’ and I argued with her that I was the biological father until I gave up.”

Our Cousin: “You know [Baby]. He looks like a mini [My Name]. You could have adopted. Look, their baby pictures are the same!”

Me: *grab the baby and start shouting* “I shall call him Mini-Me!”

Sister: “You’re weird. That’s how we know you’re adopted. Now, gimme my baby.”

Me: “No, you’re adopted.” *baby stars spitting up* “So yeah, [Brother-In-Law], you can re-adopt him now.”


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