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Adopting A Racist Attitude

| Friendly | July 13, 2016

(I am in a small restaurant with my husband and baby son. I’m of European descent and my husband is Asian. My son looks just like him. I’m walking with the baby to the restroom for a diaper change. This happens with an older female patron.)

Lady: “Oh, isn’t he cute!”

Me: “Thanks. He’s a real keeper!”

Lady: “How long did it take you to get him?”

Me: *confused* “Oh, the normal nine months.”

Lady: “That quickly? My daughter got a girl and it took two years.”

Me: *realizing that she thinks my son is adopted* “Oh, he’s mine! He looks like his dad.” *pointing* “He’s over there.”

Lady: *suddenly angry* “That’s not right. You should stick with your own kind.”

Me: “I’m not sure what you mean.”

Lady: “Those nasty [racist slur for Asian]. You shouldn’t mix your blood.”

Me: “Thanks for that comment. It’s great to know that racism is still alive in America. You have a great day.”

Lady: *yelling after me* “You’ll burn in Hell for mixing with unclean races!”

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