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Adds New Meaning To “Glued To Your Phone”

, , , | Right | April 8, 2020

(I fix cell phones. A lady comes in with a broken screen. We get all the paperwork set and done.)

Customer: “So, how are you going to let me know when it’s done? You have my phone.”

Me: “I can email you.”

Customer: “But I don’t have my phone.”

Me: “Do you have someone else’s phone number? I can call them and they can let you know? Like a friend, family member, neighbor, or coworker?”

Customer: “But how are they supposed to talk to me? I don’t have my phone.”

Me: “You don’t have anyone that can just let you know that your phone is done?”

Customer: “How are they supposed to when you have my phone?! Never mind! I’ll take this somewhere else!” *leaves*

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