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Adding Up To A Wreck

, , , , , | Right | August 12, 2021

I’ve managed to damage the heat shield on my car, and, given that I’m still a teen and have pretty abysmal knowledge about cars, my dad accompanies me to his stepbrother’s shop to get it fixed. When we get there, there’s already a middle-aged woman in the shop who’s having a pretty heated conversation with the employee behind the counter. 

Honestly, I don’t pay too much attention to what she’s saying because she’s not really making a scene despite being upset, but I do hear her make a few comments about how “payments aren’t adding up” before calling her father to come inside. At that point, my step-uncle appears and brings us outside so we don’t see the rest of their conversation.

The next day, my dad approaches me.

Dad: “You remember that woman at [Step-Uncle’s Shop]? You know what [Step-Uncle] told me about her?”

Me: “Yeah, what happened?”

Dad: “It turns out her father wrecked his car and asked her to help pay for the repairs. He told her he needed about $2,000 for it, but then she somehow got a hold of the final bill that said it was only about $1,500. So, she came back to the shop all upset thinking they’d scammed her poor elderly father. Well, together they managed to figure out that the old leech tried to scam his own daughter! He just lied to her about how much he needed! Apparently, she left the shop considerably angrier than when she arrived.”