Adding Some Weighty Maturity To The Situation

| Romantic | February 11, 2015

(My girlfriend and I are on a tight budget, so we try to price check when we can. She asked one store to hold an eye of round roast while we checked how much they were at the other store.)

Girlfriend: “It’s $15.75.”

Me: “But how much is it?”

Girlfriend: “… $15.75.”

Me: “I mean how much does it WEIGH. At the other store it’ll be $15 even, but that’s only a better deal if we get more meat.”

Girlfriend: “Oh. I don’t know.”

Me: “Well, go ask the guy who’s holding the meat.”

Girlfriend: “Okay.”

Me: “Heheh… ‘the guy who’s holding the meat’…”

Girlfriend: *laughs* “Now I don’t want to ask him! You ask him!”

Me: “No way. You’re the one that asked a guy to hold onto some meat. It’s up to you to ask how big it is!”

Girlfriend: “Actually, you know what? It was a girl.”

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