Adding Consult To Injury

| Working | December 23, 2013

(My mother has a fall on the stairs. My sister and I take her to the hospital to get a cast on her leg. While we’re there, my mother mentions that my sister had an operation on her kneecaps about one year ago.)

Doctor: “Really? How is it developing?”

(My sister shows him one of her knees).

Sister: “Hurts a little if I run, but it’s going well.”

Doctor: “Ah. I suggest you to do some exercise, like using a stationary bike.”

(Once my mom has her cast, we start to leave. We then notice that there’s an extra 400 pesos charge for a medical consultation unrelated to my mom.)

Mom: “Excuse me. What is this extra consultation here?”

Receptionist: “It was for the examination of your daughter.”

Mom: “Examination? He looked at her leg and suggested exercise!”

(They argue for a moment, until the doctor comes in.)

Mom: “Excuse me. You’re charging us extra for looking at my daughter’s leg?”

Doctor: “Well, I did give medical advice, so it was a consultation.”

(I look outside at the sign in front of the hospital. It should be noted that I’m studying communications in college.)

Me: “Excuse me. Might I offer a suggestion?”

Doctor: “Yes?”

Me: “Some of the letters in the sign outside can be a little difficult to read when they pass the pink stripes in the sign. I think you should change their color so people can read it easier from a distance.”

Doctor: *confused* “Okay. Thank you.”

Me: “You owe me 2,000 pesos for the image consultation.”

(They decide to drop the charge.)

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