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Adding A New Accent To Proceedings

| Learning | February 21, 2015

(I’m American-born, but as my dad was raised in the UK and often flies over during the year, I have a slight accent. My older brother does not have an accent, and acts as my parent while my dad is out of country. I get into a small fight at school, and my brother has to come get me.)

Brother: “I’m here to get [My Name].”

Teacher: “Oh, did her dad send you?”

Brother: “No, he’s in the UK right now. I’m her brother.”

Teacher: “Well, we need her legal guardian to get her.”

Brother: “We can’t do that. I am her biological brother; we live in the same house.”

Teacher: “But you’re not a legal guardian. You cannot leave with her.”

Me: “Mrs. [Teacher], he’s my brother. He’s the one that signs stuff when my dad’s not here. It’s on my record.”

Teacher:” We’ll see about that.”

(She goes to the filing room, and finds my record. There is a note saying that my dad is sometimes out of the country, and my brother is my guardian during that time. She storms over.)

Teacher: “We still need to tell her dad what happened.”

Brother: “I’ll tell him when we get home.”

(We left the school, and I got off punishment. The teacher stopped being friendly towards me after that.)

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