Addiction Causes A Latte Problems

| UK | Romantic | January 30, 2013

(My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship and are Skyping this evening. I have just finished a load of deadlines and am now on a caffeine detox.)

Me: “I think I will go to bed soon—I have a headache from no caffeine, well, less caffeine… my hands were shaking too much with none.”

Boyfriend: “You’re such an addict.”

Me: “Hey! I can control it so it’s not a real addiction!”

Boyfriend: “But you are addicted to hugs: when you see me you can’t stop!”

(We chat a bit more then say goodnight and he blows me a kiss. I give him a virtual hug, which he reciprocates, then I fake tremor.)

Me: “Ah! It’s like decaf coffee: my body is not fooled!”

Boyfriend: “Junkie.”

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