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Adapt Or Die, Literally

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My manager takes a call on the customer line.

Manager: “This is [Manager] at [Electronics Store]. How can I help you?”


Manager: “European voltage is 220, so you would need an adapter.”


Manager: “No, I am not trying to sell you something you don’t need.”


Manager: “Absolutely not. If you tried that, you could electrocute yourself.”


Manager: “Well, yes, Europe does have universal healthcare, but I don’t think—”


Manager: “Well, sir, if you think it’s a less risky move than buying a travel adapter for $9.95, then there’s nothing more I can help you with.”


Manager: “There’s no need for such language, sir. You have a nice trip, and I’ll keep an eye out for you on the Darwin awards.”

He hangs up and sees me staring.

Manager: “With any luck, the Earth is soon to be down one more idiot.”

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