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Ad-dressing The Real Issues

, , , , | Working | July 5, 2022

I recently started a new job in a highly technical field. Since I’m one of the very few women in my new department, and I’m also on the younger side compared to most of the other employees, I make a bit of an extra effort to dress a little more professionally and formally, as I find this (unfortunately) does make a difference in people taking me seriously.

Today, I’m wearing a very modest and work-appropriate dress that happens to be red. My manager’s manager approaches me before a meeting, and I’m a little worried about why; since he’s always very busy, I wasn’t expecting to speak with him today.

Big Boss: “I have never, in all my time working here…”

I’m getting really worried now!

Big Boss: “…seen anyone in our department wearing a dress! Let alone one with so much color! It’s great!”

Me: “Oh, um, thank you?”

Big Boss: “Yeah! Thanks for helping me realize we should really liven things up around here! I can’t believe I’ve never seen anyone on our team wearing a dress before.”

Me: “Well, dresses can be really comfortable… Maybe you should try it sometime?”

He chuckled and wandered off.

It was a strange conversation, but at least I wasn’t in trouble, and I learned that the big boss actually has a good sense of humor! He was actually a great person to work for, and we got along well ever since that day.

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