Actually Did Wear The Name Out

| Romantic | March 13, 2015

(My father, my good friend, my favorite coworker, my ex-boyfriend, and the guy I just started dating, who is a doctor, all have the same first name.)

Mom: “Doing anything tonight?”

Me: “I’m going out with [Name] later.”

Mom: “Work-[Name] or friend-[Name]?”

Me: “Neither. Remember, it’s Doctor [Name], that guy I met.”

Mom: “Another [Name]? I don’t think you can date him.”

Me: “That’s not fair. Ex-[Name] shouldn’t ruin it for all the [Name]s.”

Mom: “It’s not that. We’re reaching the [Name] limit here. It’s going to be complete chaos soon.”

Me: “Yeah, I’m drawing the line. Next time I meet a [Name], I’m telling him his name is now Phil.”

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