Acts Of Kindness Come In Cycles

, , , , , | Hopeless | January 28, 2019

I moved to a small town in Cornwall from London to do my degree, and in my first week or two decided to buy a bike to get around. I found one going cheap in a village that seemed nearby. The seller agreed to let me buy it, then explained the village was actually all but inaccessible by public transport and offered to pick me up from a halfway point which could be reached by bus.

When she fetched me, she realised that her daughter-in-law and I shared a nationality/heritage. As a result, she gave me the bike for half price and then arranged for her daughter-in-law to give me a lift to campus with the bike as it was too dangerous to cycle back per my plan. The daughter-in-law then invited me to lunch with her family, including a cousin who also attended my university. It was a lovely family experience just when I was starting to feel homesick.

Though we fell out of touch, the kindness and generosity of that family toward a lonely newcomer really stuck with me. I had been struggling with the change of pace from London and the challenges of living independently, but their friendliness, and small kindnesses from other strangers during my time in Cornwall, helped me feel better. The bike served me faithfully during my degree and was a lovely reminder of that family’s hospitality.

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