Action Figurines

| Related | July 21, 2013

(My boyfriend, his stepdad, his stepbrother, and his stepdad’s girlfriend and I are all in his stepdad’s truck. We are stuck in traffic on our way to the fair for the 4th of July fireworks. We’re talking about toys from all of our childhoods that, if we still had them today, could have been worth something.)

Stepdad: “I used to have a bunch of mint-condition, still in their original boxes, G.I. Joes. My mom gave them to Good Will when I joined the Navy.”

Stepbrother: “All my G.I. Joes have the left thumb nail on the bottom of their thumb. They also don’t print ‘G.I. Joe’ on their butts anymore.”

Boyfriend: “How do you know that?”

Stepbrother: “I have a lot of G.I. Joes with a lot of combat gear.”

Me: *whispers quietly to myself* “Barbie dolls.”

Boyfriend, Stepdad, & Stepbrother: “They’re not dolls! They’re action figures!”

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