Action Disfigures

, , , , , | Right | March 30, 2020

A few years ago, I got a temp job in customer services for a large toy retailer. This company has pretty strict return policies and it’s standard procedure to ask for photos if a customer claims an item is damaged. 

I’ve only been there a few days when I get a customer email claiming some action figures broke into small pieces. I send our script response apologising and asking for photos. When I get a reply, I open the photo but something seems off and I call my colleague to take a look. The more we look, the more obvious it is; the photo is very clearly faked! It wasn’t even done well. 

In the end, my supervisor tells me to just follow our script and tell him to return it for a refund as we can’t accuse him outright of lying. The customer tries to claim that he has thrown away the figures as they were a choking hazard to his kid. He gives up once I say there is nothing we can do without returning the item. 

Out of curiosity, I look up how much the figures are worth. He went to all the trouble of faking the photos for the sake of £15 worth of action figures.

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