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Acting Totally Off The Walls

| Friendly | June 12, 2015

(I’m on my lunch, drawing up some plans for a DIY project at home, when a worker I have never spoken to before starts to hover behind me.)

Worker: “What’s that?”

Me: “Hmm, oh, just a little job I need to do at home.”

Worker: “What is that supposed to be?” *pointing at the drawing*

Me: “A TV; I need to work out lengths for cables, fixing points, and storage.”

Coworker: *abruptly* “You shouldn’t put TVs on walls!”

Me: “Oh, no, it will be fine. I have worked out the weight and improvised a mounting method. I’m using some pretty strong toggle bolts.”

Worker: “What? No, it will look stupid.”

Me: “I… err, what?”

Worker: “You shouldn’t put any TVs on a wall. They’re not meant to be there. I thought you office types were ‘supposed’ to be smart.

(I pause before answering, to try to work out if she is joking or really that rude.)

Me: “I tell you what; I will make you a deal. If you mind your own business and leave us alone, I won’t tell you where you can stick your opinion?”

Worker: “I, err, well, it will look s***.” *scurries off*

Coworker: “What was her problem?”

Me: “No idea. I’ve done this loads of times they always look great!”

Question of the Week

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