Acting Totally Heartless

| Working | June 23, 2015

CONTENT WARNING: This story contains content of a medical nature. It is not intended as medical advice.

(My father is in an airport when a lady has a heart attack and passes out in front of the gate agent’s desk. No one seems to be doing anything other than calling the airport paramedics, so my dad goes up and starts doing CPR. While he’s doing CPR, they load the plane and people literally step over him and the woman who is on the floor. Once paramedics arrive, and have it under control, my dad gets up and hands his boarding pass to the gate agent.)

Gate Agent: “Sir, the plane is already loaded.”

Dad: “But I was right here.”

Gate Agent: “You made the choice to not get on the plane. You forfeited your ticket.”

Dad: “I was DOING CPR!”

Gate Agent: “I’m sorry. We can reroute you, but there will be a rebooking fee, as you made the decision to not board the aircraft.”

(My dad continues to argue with her. Meanwhile, a huge big-wig for their airline is passing by and overhears the conversation.)

Bigwig: “Let me get this straight: he was doing CPR on a passenger, and instead of thanking him profusely, you’re telling him that his ticket is forfeit?”

(The gate agent looks very sheepish.)

Bigwig: “Has that plane pushed away from the gate?”

(The gate agent sheepishly shakes their head.)

Bigwig: “Then scan his boarding pass, upgrade him to first-class if you can, get him on that plane and then give him at least 5000 free miles on us!”

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