Acting Out Of The Dorm

| Friendly | February 5, 2014

(I am an identical twin, but as my sister and I get older, we look more different. My twin sister attends the same university as I, but we feel that it will be best if we live in separate dorms and develop our lives at the university independently of one another. I am standing in a corridor at the university, chatting with some friends. All of a sudden, someone grabs me from behind and lifts me up by the waist, spinning me around the corridor. I cannot see the person, but I can tell he is a large male. I make the assumption that he is one of my best friends. When he puts me back down, I am surprised to find myself face-to-face with a complete stranger. The stranger’s smile turns into a look of horror when he sees my face.)

STRANGER: “Oh s***! You’re not her!”

(He promptly turns and runs away, leaving my friends and I perplexed. On a hunch, I told my twin about the incident a few days later. She laughed and told me that the stranger was the resident assistant in her dorm, and he was mortified at the fact that he had grabbed a girl who did not know him!)

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