Acting Out And Kicked Out

| Romantic | August 12, 2013

(A good friend of mine breaks up with his girlfriend. About a month later, he tells me he really likes me, and we go out. We get a little too drunk one night, and we spend the night together. However, I don’t hear back from him after that night. About two months later, he gets back with his girlfriend and tells her what had happened. Unfortunately, they had previously broken up because the girlfriend was rather jealous, and needless to say, she doesn’t like me very much anymore. Three months later, we are at the local playhouse. There are a lot of people gathering to audition for a new play that will be showing. I run into my friend, who is supporting his girlfriend in her audition.)

Girlfriend: *to her friend* “Some people here look really talented and like they could be hard to be picked over. Whereas some people are probably just going to try and sleep with the director to get the part, because that’s all they’re good at.”

(I know she’s talking about me, but I just try to ignore her because I don’t want to fall out with my friend.)

Girlfriend: *louder* “Yeah, some girls are just dirty sluts and need to stay away from other people’s boyfriends.”

(I keep ignoring her, and she is obviously getting annoyed. She comes up and pushes me.)

Girlfriend: “Who do you think you are, sleeping with my man?”

Me: “Look, I’m sorry if it upset you, but both of us were single at the time. I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Girlfriend: “You shouldn’t have slept with him; we were getting back together!”

Me: “I didn’t know that; he didn’t tell me. And if you were seriously getting back together, he shouldn’t have slept with me. Don’t just blame me.”

Girlfriend: “He told me you got him drunk and was all over him.”

Friend: “I didn’t say that at all. Can we just leave it?”

Girlfriend: “No! She’s just a tramp, and I’m going to get that part over you!”

(At this point she pushes me, so I stumble back. I lose my temper and am about to swing at her, when the doors burst open, and a man comes through.)

Man: “Hi, sorry for the delay. Anyway, welcome to the auditions for [play name]. I will be helping our director to choose who does and does not get a part. We want you all to know though, that while we want to encourage inexperienced and amateur actors to audition to help them gain experience, we will not tolerate any bullying of any kind. All those chosen will be working very closely together, and therefore you will all need to get along. So let me introduce our director [my name].”

(I step forward, and my friend’s girlfriend’s face goes pale.)

Me: “Welcome everyone. I look forward to seeing what everyone can do. Before we start the auditions, [girlfriend] what’s your second name?”

Girlfriend: “Uh… I… It’s [last name].”

Me: *looking at the register* “Oh yes, here you are. Sorry, but I don’t believe we could work well together.”

(I cross her name out with a pen.)

Girlfriend: “What?! You can’t do that!”

Me: “Yes I can. I’m running the auditions. I wrote this play, booked the playhouse, and will be directing it. I don’t want you in my play. Now get out.”

(She tries to argue, but her boyfriend just grabs her arm and drags her out. Three months later, and they’re no longer together. He asks me out again, and I say no, as I am now with someone who loves and respects me.)

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