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Acting Like Animals

| Learning | March 3, 2014

(I’m in year 12, and I’m walking down the hall to the computer lab. I see a girl that I’ve spoken to once about our favourite show at the time. Two boys are picking on her, making horse noises because she has big lips. I also have big lips and hated them when I was young because I was always made fun of.)

Boy #1: *makes a braying noise* “Hey, horsey. Where ya goin?”

Boy #2: *brays* “Had lunch yet? I think I saw some hay out the back.”

(The girl starts to look upset, and I walk over to them.)

Me: “Oh, my god. Is that the best you can come up with?” *turning to the girl* “How many times have you heard that? You think they’d be able to think of something even slightly original.”

(The girl laughs and the boys start making fun of me.)

Boy #2: “Oh look, another horse. Geez, I thought this school was for humans.”

(Both boys laugh.)

Me: “So did I, but apparently they let pigs in, so why not horses?”

(I grab the girl’s arm and we walk away to the computer lab leaving the boys there looking dumbfounded for a response. She and I have been friends now for about 15 years!)

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