Acting Like A Tottler

, , | Right | December 10, 2020

I work as a server. A lady orders a burrito, tots, and a coffee. It’s extremely busy and I’m the only waitress. 

Customer: “My tots are old. Take them back.”

Me: “All right, do you want me to grab you anything else while I’m fixing it?”

Customer: “I’ll let you know.”

I go and fix it and come back.

Customer: “I need pepper, salt, ketchup, Splenda, and ten creamers!”

Me: “Okay.”

I go and get it and a spoon for her to stir it.

Customer: “You need to get your s*** together! All my food is cold because you took forever! My coffee is cold! Everything is cold and old because you’re a useless waitress. I want a manager!”

The manager took her food back and refunded her. Her food was hot and her coffee was cold because of the creamer she put in. She was told to leave.

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