Acting Like A Complete Deck

, , , , | Right | October 6, 2020

Caller: “Hi. I wanted to check to see if you guys had the commander decks available today.”

Me: “Yes, did you pre-order?”

Caller: “No, what’s that?”

Me: “What is a pre-order?”

Caller: “Yeah, what does it do?”

Me: “Pre-ordering is reserving something before it releases so you can get it on the day it comes out.”

Caller: “Why would I do that?”

Me: “Because some items are limited in supply but high in demand, and you can only get them if you pre-order.”

Caller: “Okay, can I do that now?”

Me: “No, the commander decks have already been released and you can buy them now. Do you know which ones you want?”

Caller: “I need five of each.”

Me: “I’m sorry, we have a limited amount available after pre-orders and don’t have enough for that.”

Caller: “Well, then, why can’t I pre-order it now to get them?”

Me: *Agitated* “I already explained, pre-orders are done before a product comes out, not after.”

Caller: “Someone should have told me to pre-order. How are we supposed to get them now?”

Me: “We’ll have more sets in the future. If you’d like, we can contact you when we get more in stock.”

Caller: “No, I need them now.”

Me: “Then I can’t help you. You can try other stores; they may have more.”

Caller: “Listen, I’ll give you more than the retail price if you get me five sets.”

Me: “I can’t do that for you; we have orders to fill.”

Caller: “C’mon, man! Name your price!”

Me: “$1000 for one set, $7000 for five sets.”

Caller: “What the f***?! That’s not a deal; you’re trying to f****** rip me off!”

Me: “You said I could name my price. Now take it or leave it.”

Caller: “F*** you!” *Hangs up*

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