Acting Bananas

| Romantic | June 12, 2012

(I make my husband a banana bread, his favorite, on a Sunday so he’d have it for the whole week. Each day I would make him a piece for breakfast and send one to work in a piece of foil for his coworker that he carpools with. It is now Wednesday.)

Me: *cleaning out his lunch bag* “Why is the foil from [coworker’s] banana bread in here?”

Husband: “Um…”

Me: “You ate it?”

Husband: “…Yes.”

Me: “Have you eaten the other slice every day this week?”

Husband: “…Yes.”

Me: “That was for [coworker]!”

Husband: “But, I wanted it!”

Me: “You are such a toddler!”

Husband: “I am not a toddler! I just don’t like to share!”

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