Acting All Mother Superior

, | Learning | October 5, 2016

My grandmother and her sister (my great-aunt) were raised Lutheran, but at one point, their dad put them in Catholic school because he thought they would get a better education there.

This was back when the nuns were the teachers and the Mother Superior was the principal.

They were in the school barely two weeks when my grandmother dared question her teacher about something. The nun rapped her knuckles with a ruler and told her to go to the Mother Superior. My grandmother instead went to her sister’s class, and said the Mother Superior wanted to see my great-aunt. Once they were in the hallway, my grandmother told her, “Get your things. We’re leaving.”, and they went home!

When their dad got home, they told him what had happened. The very next day, he went to the school take them out for good, and to read the Mother Superior the riot act.

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