According To Trump Supporters, This Never Happened

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(It’s December 27th, 2016. I’m second in line, waiting to check out. The man in front of me has light skin and a shaved head. The clerk is wearing a Star of David, and has been very efficient.)

Clerk: “Your total is [total], sir.”

Customer: “What about my discount?”

Clerk: “What discount do you mean, sir?”

(The man pulls a card from his wallet and brandishes it.)

Customer: “I’m a member here, so I get a 10% discount.”

Clerk: “We don’t have memberships for [Store Chain]. You are showing me a membership card for [Different Chain], sir.”

Customer: “Listen, you [Jewish slur] b****. I want my god-d*** discount now!”

Clerk: “Sir, we do not have a membership. I’m sure that when you stop at [Different Chain], they honor that card.”

Customer: “Trump is in charge now, you know. He’ll round up all you k***s and gas you all, and it can’t happen soon enough.”

Me: *very angrily* “Obama is still in charge until January 20th, you racist piece of s***. I’m tired and want to buy my stuff and get home. Take your crap off the counter and get the f*** out of my way.”

(If looks could kill, the glare he fired me would have left me dead on the floor, but he handed some money to the cashier, got his change, took his stuff, and got out.)

Cashier: *to me, softly* “Thank you. If I had said anything, I’d have been written up for ‘disrespecting a customer.’”

Me: “That’s insane. Your corporate needs to understand that in cases like that, the customer is never right and always an a**-hole.”

(I fired off an angry e-mail to their corporate when I got home demanding they kick racist customers out of the store or I’d stop shopping there.)

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